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Browse new April Venus silver jewelry collection

Our principles make us the silver jewelry manufacturer choice of major buyers in 3 continents.

  • Passionate Craftsmanship Exclusively for Wholesalers
    No wonder we've earned "passionate craftsmanship at decent prices" tag from major wholesalers around the world. We do direct volume business only with wholesalers.
  • Fresh jewelry designs
    We use our manufacturing capabilities to the full extent to bring innovative and fresh silver jewelry products to the market and contribute in competitiveness of our customers. Join our Monthly Fresh Jewelry Newsletter followed by leading select buyers in jewelry industry to see our new collections as soon as we launch them.
  • Superior customer service and commitment to continuous improvement
    We know that providing passionately crafted jewelry is only half of our job as your silver jewelry vendor. We continuously invest in our product management and order tracking systems, and enhance our processes to deliver outstanding customer service.
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  • Elegant jewelry your customers asking for
    Jewelry buyers look for exclusive items. We offer elegant designs and excellent craftsmanship your customers want to buy.
  • Special deals
    Items we sell to jewelry stores are shipment excess or sample items. These items come with special deals for jewelry store owners looking for highest quality merchandise.
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